Who Should Read unWorking

Meet twelve people who absolutely must read unWorking.


Recently laid off Roger

Roger is 40 years-old and was just laid off from his job. Roger made good money. Enough to have a decent place to live and a nice car to drive. Kids were in daycare and school. Roger and his wife could go out often enough but he could never get ahead. Now, he knows he should be out there trying to find another job, but he’s worried. He’s worried because he sees his industry changing and he’s not sure how secure any job really is. And even if he could get a new job, does he really want to sign up for the grind again? Roger needs a new plan. Where can he find the help he needs to devise a new plan? In unWorking.

Daydreaming Danna

Danna just turned 30. She’s got a great job and her peers hold her in high regard. She’s good at what she does, but she often finds herself daydreaming about quitting her job to do something different. She’s afraid. Where can she find the courage to pursue her dreams? She needs someone to explain to her how pursuing her dream is no less dangerous than the “safe” path she’s currently on. Where can she find this help? In unWorking.

Moving back in with the folks Max

Max is in his late 20’s and is suddenly out of work and moving back in with his parents. Maybe Max’s parents buy him this book, but they should not if they want Max back out on his feet fast. If Max’s parents want him out of the house ASAP, they encourage him to go get a job. But if Max’s parents are happy to have him around, Max has an unbelievable opportunity. Max has time to figure things out without the pressure of having to come up with this month’s rent. unWorking is his guide to lifestyle design.

Long-term unemployed Dan

A recent Wall Street Journal article titled, Out of a Job, Some Decide to Take a Hike, noted the growing segment of long-term unemployed who are deciding to do something different than sit on the couch and wait for the phone to ring. The article opens:

Unable to find steady work in a dismal Florida job market, Dan Kearns did something a lot of gainfully employed Americans can only dream of: Ditch the straight life and hike the length of the Appalachian Trail. Shouldering a 50-pound backpack, the 32-year-old construction worker hopped onto the trail in April at Neels Gap, Ga., joining other “through-hikers” bound for the AT’s northern end point, nearly 2,200 miles away in Maine’s Baxter State Park. He sold his car for $1,000 to finance the first leg of the trip, relying after that on handouts and the occasional farm job — often backbreaking work weeding vegetable beds or rolling bales of hay. “I wouldn’t do this if I was employed,” the New Jersey native explains. “I couldn’t find any work, so I just decided to take a walk.”

unWorking is the perfect book for Dan to bring along with him on the trail. He’s already exited the traditional path. He realizes the world has changed and that it’s time to think differently. unWorking will give him the guidance he desperately needs to create a new life in the emerging already here world.

Mid-life crisis Melanie

Melanie has always been the light in any room that she enters. In high school she was popular, but not in the cliquish kind of way. She majored in English literature in college and went on a few shoestring tours of Europe during her summer vacations. She has a wonderful husband and great kids. She feels bad even thinking this because really her life is great… but she thought her life was going to be so much more. She thought her life was going to be epic. She wants it to be epic. Melanie should push through the crowds to get a copy of unWorking.

High School Grad Holly

Holly won’t buy this book. Her parents won’t buy it for her either because they want Holly to go to college and major in something practical like business or accounting. But Holly has an eccentric uncle who’d like to see Holly build her life around her passions instead of doing what everyone else does. When Uncle Davey comes to Holly’s high school graduation open house, what does he bring as a gift? He brings unWorking.

High School Guidance Counsellor Hal

Hal’s never know what to do with those kids who don’t fit the mold. Now he’s got unWorking.

Homeschooled Harriet

Harriet is 17 years old and part of the fast growing “home-school” movement: home schoolers think differently than their traditionally schooled counterparts and are sometimes considering a life path that does not include college. How can they build a successful life without conforming to the traditional work mold?  That’s exactly what Harriet will find in unWorking.

College Grad Carlos

Carlos just graduated from college and he’s entering the job market. Whatever choice he makes regarding his first job, he’s sort of casting his lot. He’s choosing a path. He’s investing himself and his life. Based upon Carlos’ decision, we can predict with some pretty good accuracy what his life will look like in ten years. Before Carlos chooses a path, he better make sure he knows what he wants life to look like, now and in ten years. Where can he find a guide to help him sort all this out? In unWorking.

Jeff Bezos

That’s right, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon.com absolutely needs to read this book! Since he’s probably an Amazon Prime member, he’ll even have it in two days with no extra shipping charges. Jeff Bezos, though, needs this book by the case. Each year, Amazon.com offers to pay their employees to quit. Once a year, they ask their employees, “Do you really want to work here?” If the answer is no, they’ll pay the employee up to $5,000 to quit. Jeff Bezos says he does this “to encourage folks to take a moment and think about what they really want. In the long run, an employee staying somewhere they don’t want to be isn’t healthy for the employee or the company.” A person who says, “You know, I’m not where I want to be…” and takes Bezos’ offer is thinking about what they want in life. They’re on the path to lifestyle design. How do they take the next step? They read unWorking. Jeff Bezos should give copies of the book for his staff who choose to stay with the company as well. CEOs of corporations should want their employees reading this book as a means to attract and keep people on their team who are passionate about their work.

PopupHuman Resources Specialist Hope

Hope’s got a tough job. She has to figure out how to give someone who’s just been laid off hope for their future. That’s why Hope buys a case of unWorking and gives it to employees after they have been laid off.

Adventurous Addy

Addy just likes a good story.