Exit the Rat Race, Live Like a Millionaire, and Be Happy Now!

Wake up. The world has changed. Are you living in the emerging already here world, or are you still living in the old one? The old world was about paying your dues and biding your time on the basis of promised golden years. It doesn’t work that way anymore. Don’t complain; just adapt. The old world wasn’t that good anyway. Who wants to give the best years of their life to a job and then wake up at 65 and wonder where all the time went? In the new world you can write your own ticket, be your own boss, and live on a grand scale, now.
What You Will Learn
  • How to summon the courage to pursue your dreams against the odds
  • How to figure out what you want your life to look like
  • How to pursue work that you’re passionate about
  • How to develop good income while avoiding bad income
  • How to actually prioritize your family over your career
  • How to stay in sync with your spouse amidst major life changes
  • How to get your kids out of the miniaturized, pressurized rat race
  • How to live on a grand scale now instead of holding out hope for the “golden years.”
About the Author

Clark Vandeventer is proof that lifestyle design is possible. He came from nothing, didn’t go to an Ivy League school, and never made a million dollars. By the time he was in his late 20s, though, he’d achieved a pretty amazing life for himself and his family. Then, at the age of 30, he put it all on the line and mounted a campaign for Congress. He lost, and two months later he found himself living in his in-laws garage. Rather than dusting himself off and getting back in the game, Clark used his time in the garage to re-think everything, exit the rat race, and build an epic life on his own terms. unWorking is a guide to lifestyle design in the emerging already here world. It’s also a darn good story, one of epic proportions, just like yours can be.

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Clark sets the stage for unWorking in this prologue to the book.

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Clark-with-monkey-on-motorbikeAbout the Author

By the time he was 26-years-old, Clark Vandeventer was the deputy director of the Reagan Ranch and had raised millions of dollars to preserve the home of the 40th President of the United States, Ronald Reagan
Just as the early birth pangs of The Great Recession were being felt, Clark realized he was no longer passionate about his work. With reckless abandon, he quit his job. Trudging through the Great Recession, by 2010, Clark was a candidate for United States Congress.
He bet big on winning, putting all other work on hold and cashing out his retirement to be a full time candidate. When he lost his election, he was out of money and out of work. Two months after being a rising political star and candidate for Congress, Clark moved his wife and two young children into his in-laws garage.
That’s when Clark began the process of reinventing his life.

Today, Clark and his wife Monica, enjoy a lifestyle of design through patchwork income, spending winters in Lake Tahoe where they ski, and the rest of the year free to move about the world wherever their hearts desire.
When he’s not blogging, skiing, or traveling with his family, Clark is a consultant to non-profit organizations, training professional staff how to raise big bucks for their causes. You can learn more at MajorGiftsFundraiser.com. Follow him on twitter @clarkvand.

From Our Readers


“Truly revolutionary and life-changing insights are hard to come by. After you read Clark’s book, you will do two things. First, you will take a deep breath, and feel a new zest for life and sense of calm which you’ve owed to yourself for years. Second, you will find yourself looking around at the smart, successful people in the world, and think, “How have they missed it?” America is sick, and this book is the medicine we need to reclaim our joy, peace, and contentedness. If you don’t think you need medicine, you probably need it the most. When I became friends with Clark years ago, I didn’t think I needed his medicine. But it has changed my life. Now, with the release of Clark’s book, his wisdom isn’t limited to a small circle of friends sitting around an intimate dinner table. It is finally accessible to the masses, and it is an invaluable gift to the world.”

Bryan Rosner

Publisher, Biomed Publishing Group

Don’t read this book if…

you’re not ready to get hit right between the eyes with the reality that you’re probably NOT living in a way that supports what is most important to you. Yep. Right between the eyes. Clark truly has a gift for the written word. I started following his blog, Family Trek, a few years back and have appreciated his down to earth, honest writing style as it is a departure from many travel blogs. I wasn’t sure what to expect from his book. Maybe a few stories I didn’t know from before, maybe some different peeks into trips I knew he’d taken. Instead, I got a great book that reads well and has pushed me to think about what I’m doing each day to move towards the goals and ideals that are the most important to me and my family. Oh, and I’m not doing so hot in those areas.

I’d rank unWorking right up there with Tim Ferris’ Four Hour Work Week and Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad in terms of the mental exercises it makes you do. Don’t be put off if you don’t know anything about Clark. Just pick up this book and read it. Unless you like where you’re at and are thrilled with the status quo. Then buy it for a friend.

Susan Whitehead

“I’ve read quite a few books on lifestyle design. They have all richly added to my life and taught me to look at the world through a lens of creativity and making the most of every opportunity. And now I’ve read another book that deserves be shelved right along with those.

In a way, this unassuming book written by a new and relatively unknown author resonated with me far more than those more popular, well-known lifestyle design books.

Why? Because Clark Vandeenter, author of UnWorking is someone I can relate to. He’s at a point in his life where I’m at now. He has kids, his kids are living and learning in this world outside the school system, he enjoys a life of long-term travels and fills his days with things that are meaningful and important to himself. Maximizing your life experiences is exactly what life style design is all about, can Clark and his family are maximizing their experiences to the fullest!

What makes this book so special and different is Clark’s story. Yes, this book does give many important and helpful tips towards designing your own life, but he sprinkles those actions steps over the course of telling you his story: where he started out and where he is now. And it’s his story that allows you to see that if he can do it, if he could overcome so many setbacks in his life and now have the freedom and choices to live epicly, it’s possible for you, too.

He doesn’t sugar coat things. In fact, he’s very real about how hard you need to work towards designing a life that is richer and more meaningful than anything else you have ever known. The focus and intensity it takes to create this epic lifestyle drives most people away from even trying. But if you have the courage to pursue this idea of lifestyle design, Clark is a great coach to lead you in the right direction.”


Christina Pilkington

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